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The Re:Freshed Orchestra is a wide collective of musicians from different musical backgrounds.
In 2011 the orchestra started with a tribute series to a few of their musical heroes like Nina Simone, Gill Scott-Heron, Jay-Z, Fela Kuti, and many more.

In 2012 they released their first album Re:Encore which recorded their tribute to Jay-Z on the Kindred Spirits Label. In the Re:Encore tour they played on many national and international festivals like North Sea Jazz Festival (2013), and have broadcasted live from the Uitmarkt for the last two years (2013&2014)
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Now the orchestra is working with their own tracks and will be releasing their new album with their own music in 2015.

The base of this project is controlled chaos, experimental and creating from a joint passion of great music. The performances end up being unique one time only performances which have a jamsession feel.

A selection of the artists the Re:Freshed Orchestra worked with:
Zap Mama, Sandra St. Victor, Nicole Bus, GMB aka Gery Mendes, Adlicious, Maikel X, La Melodia, Colonel Red, Tony Allen, Ursula Rucker, Akua Naru, Akwasi, Jay Collin, Xantone Blacq, Pete Philly, Daniel von Piekartz, Brian Jackson, Tasha’s World, Renee Neufville, Yuli Minguel, Benjamin Herman, Phatt, Amir Sulaiman, Omri Tindal, Shirma Rouse, Ruben Hein, Giovanca, Lola Green, Sabrina Starke, Ricky Koole, Wudstik, Big, Black & Beautiful & ZO Gospel Choir.

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